Independent Information Technology
and Security Services

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Whether it's for a Government acquisition, a desire to make your services more accessible, or because you're facing litigation, TestPros provides a number of accessibility services to help your organization their needs!

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The impact of a cybersecurity breach can be substantial. Whether it's penetration testing, an independent assessment, or preparation for an audit, TestPros has a number of services available that can help protect you from future risks.

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Managed IT Services

Dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your IT infrastructure. We provide remote IT serivces for cloud migration, disaster recovery and much more. Trust us to secure, manage, and monitor all of your IT.  Learn about our vCIO, and vCISO options.

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Independent Validation and Verification

Ensure you receive the right software, in the right way, and performing in the way that was intended. TestPros offers a number of IV&V services that will help to ensure you achieve mission success.

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Independent Software & System Testing

Independent testing is important for products and applications to ensure they are usable and compliant. TestPros has experience with a variety of tools and frameworks to help with software testing.

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test automation services


Automate your entire testing process. Our test automation services allow you to no longer worry about wasting time or resources on tasks like checking for errors. Instead, focus your attention where it belongs--on creating great software!

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Usability Testing

Ensure that your app or website is easy to use and satisfies customers. TestPros offers professional services to help with usability testing so that you can be sure your product is ready for public release.

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