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Independent Software Testing Services

Anyone who has ever released software, or been involved in the release of software knows that you can’t test everything. You do the best you can, but inevitably some things slip through the cracks. That’s where independent software testing comes in.

TestPros looks at your system with a fresh set of eyes and finds problems that may have been missed. Because receiving an accurate and honest assessment is important. Having an outsider assess your software is always a good idea.

Third-Party Testing You Can Trust

TestPros provides independent software testing, including verification and validation (IV&V). Our IV&V Testing allows for an unbiased look at software products and processes during every stage of development, in an environment not impacted by the people making the product.

We verify key components of software and systems to determine that requirements (functional and technical) have been satisfied, and that each system functions as intended.

independent software testing services

Benefits of our Independent Testing

  • Early detection and correction of system/software anomalies
  • Provide the ability to identify high-risk areas early, and enhanced management insight into process and product risk
  • Life cycle process support – to ensure conformance to program performance, schedule, and budget
  • Provide management with improved visibility into the progress and quality of the development effort – performance, quality and budget
  • Early assessment of software and system performance
  • Objective analysis of software and system conformance to enable support for a given formal certification process
  • Improved software development and maintenance processes
  • Process improvement

Our Approach to Verification and Validation in Software Testing

Our IV&V Testing services are applied in classic waterfall and modern lean / iterative / agile environments.

This delivery approach uses the latest models for systems engineering and process improvement, which are based on industry standards that evolve over time. This is augmented by department-specific guidance and lessons learned from similar projects.

Testing Standards

The foundation of our IV&V Testing approach is the IEEE 1012-2012 Standard for System and Software Verification and Validation, incorporating other standards targeted at the review of specific project area. Examples of other standards include:

Because we perform in parallel with the system/software development efforts, each delivery effort is unique. We align our specific approach with Federal and Department/Agency standards and practices to assure we work seamlessly within each client’s unique systems engineering life cycle, whether it be an Agile, waterfall or hybrid approach.

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IV&V Testing Tools

We apply a variety of proprietary and open-source tools. This includes the commercial product suites from Hewlett Packard (HP ALM, QC, HP Performance Center/HP PC,HP UFT, LoadRunner, Sprinter, and more) and IBM (Rational TestManager, ClearCase, ClearQuest, and more), and open-source tools such as Selenium and Grinder. 

While the commercial products are highly evolved and effective, the open source tools allow for customization to extend functionality and they also allow for security vetting of the tool source code.  We use these and related tools to perform tests and associated functions that include:

Tools alone do not generate the efficiency required to keep up with the IV&V Testing requirements of modern Agile and hybrid development environments. 

Our Center for IV&V Testing

It is important to note that TestPros’ IV&V testing assessment activities are conducted independently, with no organizational conflict of interest (OCI). 

Our Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) provides a collection of IT testing services necessary to support agile practices, Development to Operations (DevOps) methodologies, and Continuous Integration (CI).  Our TCoE is a resource that brings together the strongest expertise, processes and technology in testing to ensure reliable and quality system releases. 

The mission of our TCoE is to establish a knowledge base and resources for agile testing, thereby changing the paradigm of testing from a “one-off event” to a “specific focused and repeatable testing approach” including test automation – all of which becomes an integral part of business assurance while leveraging DevOps methods and agile development principles.  

As a result, there is little impact to the overall project’s testing schedule.

Test Automation Frameworks

TestPros helps its client establish Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE), combining best practices and current technologies to achieve maximum efficiency and test coverage. This includes the development and application of sophisticated Test Automation Frameworks

The frameworks provide the basis for accelerating test automation—if there is a change to any test case, the tester only needs to update the test case data, which is an English-language level of effort. Scripts that drive the testing process and start-up scripts do not need to change. The result is reduced cycle time and lower costs. 

After a TestPros Test Automation Subject matter expert (SME) develops the initial test scripts, junior testers or developers can normally update the test case files, minimizing the need for expensive Testing SMEs over the development life cycle.  TestPros brings the requisite knowledge of the current processes and tools used to support the maintenance of existing, and the development of new test automation frameworks.

Experience Matters

TestPros’ government IV&V Testing experience includes contracts with the Department of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, DARPA, DISA, DSS, Navy, USAF, USCG, Department of State, Department of Education, USDA, Postal Regulatory Commission, and multiple commercial clients.

TestPros is Your Independent Testing Solution

When it comes to software and systems, TestPros is the independent testing solution. We have over 30 years of experience working with Federal agencies and commercial clients, developing sophisticated Test Automation Frameworks that help reduce cycle time and lower costs. Contact our team of experts to ensure that your product or application is thoroughly tested before release.


Most frequent questions and answers

Evaluating software that isn’t owned or operated by the same people who created it? That’s independent software testing! To guarantee customer and end-user satisfaction, third parties employ experienced testers to assess if the program follows all of its required specifications. This is done with a series of tests in order to check functionality, performance, security and more – ensuring quality throughout every step.

Independent testers are those who don’t have any ties to the organization in charge of a product or service under evaluation. In other words, they’re not part of the team that developed said item. Companies usually enlist their services for quality assurance purposes and obtain honest feedback on their results.

It depends on the size and intricacy of the application, but could range anywhere from a few hundred dollars for minor projects to tens of thousands for more comprehensive ones. Regardless, investing in quality assurance testing is an invaluable way to ensure that your product meets customer expectations.

It depends on the system under scrutiny, yet usually a comprehensive test plan can be completed in as little as several weeks. Send us a message and we’ll give you a quick timeline based on your application or product.

Independent software testing is the process of verifying the quality of an application or system through manual or automated testing, without the involvement of the developer.

A broader term, Quality Assurance (QA) encompasses any measure taken to ensure the high-standard of a product or service. This includes anything from gathering requirements, design assessments, code scrutiny, and beta trial runs.

When looking for an independent software testing service, you should consider the following:

  1. The experience and qualifications of the testers
  2. The types of tests that will be performed
  3. The reporting and analysis that will be provided
  4. The quality of the service

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