Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services

IV&V Services Overview

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Management and Support

While many organizations may be aware of the need to support IT system/software engineering, a surprising number never assess supporting documentation. TestPros understands the relationship of the Statement of Need, Project Management Plan, Software Quality Assurance Plan, and Configuration, Management Plan to the success of the engineering and development effort.

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Testing and Test Witness

TestPros guarantees the validity of the testing process by either observing the tests performed or participating in user acceptance testing. Testing will confirm if system, software, and interface requirements have been satisfied. TestPros will document which results meet expectations and identify any areas that don't satisfy business needs to ensure efficiency once operational.

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System Engineering

Too often, the system requirements that are crucial for developing systems and software receive inadequate attention before implementation. A thorough evaluation of the system requirements mitigates the risk of creating poor software and interface requirements. Throughout the engineering process, TestPros provides objective evidence with its knowledgeable recommendation to accept or reject the product.

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Processes and Procedures

The larger or more complex the project the more important it is that approved processes and procedures are implemented. TestPros will assess your draft or approved processes and procedures. We have the unique ability to provide critical independent verification and validation support to a wide range of processes ranging from configuration management and test to CPIC and EVMS.

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Reviews and Audits

We monitor, evaluate, and report on all our products, processes, and services to ensure that they meet DHS requirements and comply with Department policies and procedures as well as applicable IEEE standards. Our audit approach is based on IEEE standards and best practices, supported by formal configuration management of all artifacts, and facilitated by DoD-style bottom-line up front (“BLUF”) reporting.

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Certified & Independent

TestPros is a successful and growing business, established in 1988 to provide Information Technology (IT) support services to a wide range of commercial and U.S. Federal, State, and Local Government customers. Our services are based on trust, quality, efficiency, and innovation to drive the mission of our various federal and commercial customers. Furthermore, TestPros has been independently audited or appraised and is proud to hold the following company credentails:

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ISO 9001 Certified Company
ISO 20000-1 Certified Company
ISO 27001 Certified Company

Experience & Clients

DHS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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Health and Human Services

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DHS, Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Digital Documents

Web-based Applications

Desktop Applications

Mobile Devices


Frequently Asked Questions

IV&V is an activity across the life cycle, not an isolated effort performed at random intervals. It’s a process of evaluation to ensure the end product matches what is desired from the start. TestPros’ experts have worked within multiple SDLCs, to bring success to projects, regardless of their methodology, Waterfall, Agile, or something else. We’re not just performing testing and looking at the results, we’re understand the system requirements as a whole, what the correct software the end user needs, and determining if the delivered software in actually that.

While IV&V alone can’t guarantee a rise in quality of your software, it can ensure you understand where quality issues are coming from, and help provide insights into resolving them. TestPros’ experts have decades of experience reviewing, analyzing, and providing insight into projects not just from the testing perspective, but also from the technical and management. We’ve worked with dozens or organizations to help identify and fix issues such as release process bottlenecks, to technical debt buildup to poor testing practices, all of which have produced a drastic uptick in software quality.

TestPros doesn’t intend to just come in and do some ‘thrown over the wall’ testing and review. We intend to find out discrepancies in the product quality and specifications, in order to help product developers build products better. We can also help ensure that project work is adhering to the regulations and budgets set out. For software projects, expect TestPros to examine the source code, and review associated product documentation. We’ll also use tools to perform both static and dynamic analysis of the software to ensure the application doesn’t just work, but is being designed and built in a stable, secure and maintainable fashion. We might perform some functional testing, or we might just review your existing testing, and ensure it’s covering the areas that are needing, and providing the correct amount of analysis.

IV&V is a process that helps to ensure the quality of a product or system. It involves an independent third party who tests and reviews the product or system to make sure that it meets specific requirements. IV&V is used to verify that the system functions as designed and meets customer requirements.
IV&V vendors are companies that provide independent testing and verification services. They help to ensure the quality of products and systems by reviewing and testing them to make sure they meet requirements. IV&V vendors can be helpful in ensuring that your product or system meets customer needs and functions as intended.
TestPros is an independent IT assessment firm that helps businesses attain compliance with standards like accessibility, cybersecurity, and privacy. Through their auditing, consulting, and testing services, TestPros identifies vulnerabilities and non-compliance areas, then guides businesses towards necessary improvements. Whether it’s ensuring digital platform accessibility, data security, or privacy standards, TestPros offers expert solutions to meet and exceed these requirements.