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Test Automation

Despite automated testing being around for over 30 years, many companies still struggle to produce effective automated tests. TestPros has expert Software Development Engineers in Test which can not only assist with your automated testing need, but can also help train your staff. This goes beyond just reworking your manual tests into automated ones, but includes identifying proper tools, frameworks, and using good automated testing practices to make tests efficient, maintainable and robust.

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Quality Gates

The first stage of any pipeline, manual or automated, is understanding what qualifies as success for promoting your software to the next stage. Whether this is a percentage of code coverage, passing UI tests, or number and level of security vulnerabilities founds. The experts at TestPros can not only help identify these quality thresholds, but can help turn these into automated quality gates to automatically prevent software from being promoted, and notifying the correct individuals.

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Most software release processes have become more complex than Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments, and are now full DevOps pipelines. Whether you are just looking for some simple CI, or full blown DevSecOps pipelines, TestPros has experts who can help you design, and successfully automate the workflows you are looking for. This includes identifying the stages and environments, understanding what tests to run at each stage, and how to advance the software.

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TestPros has experts with years of experience in automating the creation of environments, whether they are for local development, testing, or production. Using scripts both for cloud and local virtualization or hardware infrastructure, TestPros can assist in rapidly standing up and tearing down environments, which becomes critical for effective CI/CD and DevOps pipelines.

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Having the appropriate infrastructure created isn't enough, to efficiently and rapidly test software, automated deployments are needed so that the latest and greatest software can be tested. Whether you are looking for a simple fresh deployment, application updates, or an A-B rollover, TestPros can help. We have experts in the field with decades of experience deploying software using a multitude of tooling. We can help design and build this automation, to ensure the application can be quickly and repeatedly deployed.

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Test automation can be complicated and challenging to learn for anyone. However, the benefits of implementing test automation within your organization's pipeline are immeasurable. Allow TestPros to help your team learn how to write their own tests and make automated testing a part of your daily practice.

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