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FedRAMP Security Services

TestPros’ FedRAMP Security Services are designed to address the following requirements per the website:

FedRAMP Ready systems have demonstrated readiness to meet the FedRAMP requirements. Systems in this category cover a range of documentation and FedRAMP independent assessor assessment results. Not all systems in this category are cloud systems – other categories of systems will include build specifications and documentation for open source code that agencies can deploy.

To be considered FedRAMP Security Ready, systems must initiate a review of their documentation with the FedRAMP PMO. At a minimum, systems must go through the FedRAMP PMO Readiness Review.

TestPros helps our clients prepare for a successful review by executing an independent assessment audit, and then working with each client to remediate any issues that we identify.


TestPros’ security professionals that provide FedRAMP Security Services are knowledgeable of the NIST 800-53 Risk Management Framework and the extensions for cloud and open source computing that make up the FedRAMP Security Assessment Framework. Our security engineers work in partnership with our clients and/or their hosting providers by auditing current security plans and implementations against the applicable controls, and to build a plan of actions and milestones for any required remediation requirements. By supporting the qualification process, we save our clients both time and money by minimizing the number of FedRAMP assessment iterations.


TestPros FedRAMP Security Services experience includes support for the Department of Interior, where we reviewed the client’s Cloud security plan and security controls against the FedRAMP Security Assessment Framework, helping to identify and remediate any noncompliance issues.

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