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Usability Testing Services

TestPros’ Usability Testing Services check your application’s or web site’s ease-of-use, intuitiveness, and overall usability. We assess usability and design factors such as ease-of-navigation, feature – function and error control, consistency, feedback, performance, visual clarity, accessibility and whether on-line transactions actually do what they are supposed to do to ensure correct operation before going live. High-quality usability is as a key factor in customer satisfaction and fulfillment, and critical in making an app or site successful. As with all of TestPros Lab Services, this service is both timely and comprehensive, with a complete assessment delivered in as few as five days. At the end of this period, client’s receive professionally generated test results and observations, along with relevant recommendations. The service removes the uncertainty regarding an application’s full range of functions and how they will be received by real users when put on-line.


The service includes:

  • Five or more full days of usability testing and consulting
  • Requirements analysis and discovery
  • Usability assessments of all your business transactions
  • Selection of application user participants, and the building of appropriate participant mix
  • Development of a test plan
  • Delineation of testing procedures and user participant scripts
  • Test assessment execution
  • Detailed Reporting of test results

After the usability assessment engagement, deliverables include the following:

  • A systematic project test plan
  • Test cases and participant scripts
  • Test environment description
  • Test results report
  • Test observations and usability enhancement recommendations
  • Authorization to use the “TestPros Tested” logo*

* Requires customer to follow the terms and conditions of TestPros Logo Agreement


TestPros has provided complete Usability Testing Services and Assessments for many web based systems, and training applications, including work for Hewlett Packard, Pfizer, Medical applications, and others.


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