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Performance Testing Services

TestPros understands that critical applications must be designed to respond under stress, especially when related to health or public safety, when large numbers of users may need to use the system at the same time in critical situations. TestPros’ Performance Testing services determine how well our client’s applications and infrastructure perform under the stress of between 100 and 100,000+ concurrent users, and conduct related Load testing and Stress Testing to understand how systems perform when used by even millions of users per hour.

Approach – Performance Testing Services

TestPros uses commercial tools including Hewlett Packard’s Performance Center and LoadRunner, as well a variety of open source tools, to simulate the numbers of users performing the types of actions expected when using our client’s systems and applications.  We conduct performance tests at various stages of the system development lifecycle, but primarily once software functionality is confirmed to determine an accurate measure of the performance and availability under projected volumes of user traffic. Early stage testing helps our clients define required performance characteristics for subsystems, validating architectural designs early in the system lifecycle when  corrections are less costly.

Our Performance Testing approach provides benefits including:

  • Determines the number of users an application can realistically support
  • Measures the end user response time for each transaction and user load level
  • Models the scalability (future growth potential) of the applications
  • Discovers the performance boundaries and failure behavior of each component
  • Optimizes and validates the underlying infrastructure

Our Performance Testing services include the following:

  • Managed load testing delivered at our benchmarking lab, remotely via the internet, or at your site
  • Requirements analysis
  • Development of a detailed test plan
  • Design and development of realistic user transaction ‘scripts’
  • Load Test Execution
  • Application of up to 10,000+ concurrent virtual user emulation
  • Virtual user load generated using the most critical business paths
  • User response time measurement
  • Correlation of Infrastructure measurements (CPU, bandwidth, memory, I/O, etc.)
  • Scalability assessment and verification
  • Performance bottlenecks identification

Performance Testing deliverables include:

  • A systematic load testing project test plan
  • Project notes and professional observations
  • An assessment report of test results
  • Recommendations on how to improve performance


TestPros currently provides Performance, Load and Stress testing services to DHS, HHS and multiple commercial clients. Using open source tools to manage costs, we have simulated millions of simultaneous users for some of the largest internet-based services in the world.


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