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DHS Trusted Tester Program

What is the DHS Trusted Tester Program?

TestPros provides Section 508 testing support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) using the standards established by the department’s  Office of Accessible Systems & Technology (OAST), referred to as the DHS Trusted Tester Program. The DHS program has grown from supporting only DHS to an interagency program,  the Interagency Trusted Tester Program (ITTP). Per the program website, ITTP is modeled after the DHS OAST Trusted Tester Program (TTP) and is a strategic solution with a three-pronged approach:

  1. Promoting across the federal government common evaluation processes and procedures for Section 508 testing of electronic and information technology (EIT).
  2. Increasing the workforce skills and capability by implementing a certification program for Section 508 conformance testing.
  3. Creating a central repository containing trusted tester test results that can be shared among government agencies to reduce redundant testing.

The benefits translate well not only to supporting Section 508 compliance for government systems, but to commercial organizations as well who desire to make their software, electronic documents, and websites accessible to the broadest range of individuals with visual impairments.  From the TTP website:

Benefits of the DHS Trusted Tester

  • Promotes a common understanding of the 508 standards.
  • Unifies the test process.
  • Unifies the set of test tools.
  • Unifies test results reporting.
  • Test results can be shared for common applications (i.e., Shared Services, COTS, etc.)
  • Supports IT governance by integrating Section 508 into the development and acquisition lifecycle.
  • Promotes the successful adoption of the changes required to integrate the TTP within an agency.
  • Improves ability for developers to reproduce test results which expedites remediation of non-conformance.
  • DHS Trusted Tester Certification provides career development opportunities for accessibility professionals and demonstrates to companies competency in the DHS Trusted Tester test-process.

If your organization could benefit from the harmonized accessibility testing approach established by the DHS Trusted Tester program, please contact us. We work the standards established by the program, and introduce a broader range of testing tools to add efficiencies to the TTP Section 508/Accessibility testing process.

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