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DHS Trusted Tester Certification

What Is The Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Tester Certification?

The DHS Trusted Tester Certification (TTv5) is a certification granted to those who have demonstrated an ability to apply the DHS Trusted Tester Conformance Process. The process consists of a manual accessibility testing approach that aligns with the ICT Testing Baseline and provides repeatable and reliable conformance test results. The certification is a component of the DHS Trusted Tester Program.

The training required for the certification includes approximately 70+ hours of coursework, as well as a rigorous certification examination. After successfully passing the examination, the individual is a Trusted Tester, is assigned a credential number by DHS, and can perform TTv5 conformance assessments.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A DHS Trusted Tester?

There are a number of professional and personal benefits to becoming a DHS trusted tester, to include but not limited to:

  • Job Marketability – Individuals who hold the DHS Trusted Tester certification are more employable than accessibility professionals who do not.
  • Greater Understanding – Completing the Trusted Tester coursework is no walk in the park. It will require intimate familiarity with the Trusted Tester conformance process, as well as the application of testing methodologies.
  • Increased Quality and Consistency – As a result of using a standardized conformance process that is reinforced through training and certification, accessibility professionals will produce more consistent and higher quality work.
  • It’s Free! – Why wouldn’t you participate in it? Other than the time investment, DHS has graciously made the training materials and certification exam available to the public, free of charge.

How Do I Become A DHS Trusted Tester?

The Trusted Tester Training Track provides a path to earn the Trusted Tester certification for web on the windows platform. Students will learn about the Section 508 Standards applicable to the web, how to install and use web accessibility test tools, and how to apply the Trusted Tester process for testing web sites and web applications for conformance to the Revised Section 508 standards, released in January 2017.

Upon completion of Trusted Tester Track, students will be able to identify the Section 508 standards for web, utilize the tools and test process to evaluate websites and web applications for conformance to the Revised Section 508 standards. Students that score a 90 or better on the Trusted Tester – Certification Exam will obtain their Trusted Tester Certification for Web.

The training includes the following components:

  • FACA-ALL-049-B -What Is Section 508 and Why Is It Important (10+ hours)
  • DHSA-TT-100-A Section 508 Standards for Web (20+ hours)
  • DHSA-TT-150-A Trusted Tester Tools for Web on Windows (5+ hours)
  • DHSA-TT-200-A Trusted Tester – Training for Web on Windows (20+ hours)
  • DHSA-TT-201-A Trusted Tester – Practice Exam for Web on Windows (20+ hours)
  • DHSA-TT-202-A Trusted Tester – Certification Exam for Web on Windows (10+ hours)

As you can see from the above, becoming a DHS Trusted Tester is no easy task and will require dedication and determination. However, if you are ready to take the next steps and register for training, use the new self-enrollment portal. You will need to establish an account to register for training, but there is no cost to register.


To close, becoming a DHS Trusted Tester is a worthwhile endeavor that offers many benefits to accessibility professionals. While the path may seem arduous, you can do it and you do not need to rush. However, if you do need some assistance, always feel free to contact us. TestPros employees DHS Trusted Testers and we are happy to guide you.

Good luck on your journey!

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